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Air compressor recovery

Motor-rebuild company provides for recovery of air compressors for commercial motor vehicles of different European and American brands at a high and professional level. A wide range of air compressors both new and renewed by our specialists as well as all necessary components for their repair are always available at the warehouse. All our products come with a guarantee. After being assembled every compressor is tested at a dedicated stand enabling to provide end user with services of high quality.

Short blocks

Recovery of failed engine is generally associated with considerable costs. As for commercial vehicles, standby losses caused by engine repair shall also be added. Engine repair procedure takes some days at best, in many cases it drags out at a longer term for a number of reasons.

A far-reaching possibility for engine repair is to use short blocks, i.e. assembly units involving, depending on engine design, a cylinder block (case block), cylinder liners, a crankshaft with connecting rod and main bearing bushing, a connecting rod and piston group, a camshaft with lifters. In such a case, use of short blocks as-manufactured or repaired at a dedicated plant is possible. We offer our partners to use recovered short blocks in order to recover operable condition of vehicles on-the-spot.

Engine overhaul

Our company provides for overhaul of engines for both light motor and light commercial vehicles and commercial motor and special-purpose vehicles in a good manner and as soon as practicable. The fact that our company possesses modern processing equipment and employ skilled staff, as well as completes engines with quality spare parts of leading manufacturers, ensures recovery of all primary engine parts and engine assembly according to specifications established by manufacturers.

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In 2015 Motor-Rebuild company
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